What if you could get the design done in one day? It’s for couples, singles, and especially great for out of towners and even for people who don’t like to shop because you will have a guide. You’ll love the VIP treatment and getting it all done at once.

  • One Room or project at a time Ideal for any room (some rooms like kitchens will take longer)
  • To the Trade Resources and pricing at exclusive Interior Design showrooms
  • An intense full day session to get all the material finishes and items chosen for one room


Let’s first determine if you are ready

Please check off the following:

You have purchased a first consultation or package

__Quick Action Session

__Spring into Action Package

__Pre-project Consultation

__We have not previously met or discussed your space and the designer has not obtained measurements

(An extended session or uploads will need to be scheduled to obtain more information)

You have determined that your level of service is




We apply our design techniques to all level of design. All codes and the guidelines from the National Kitchen and Bath Association are followed for safety and function. Good is catalogue products, with less customization. Better is use of less common products and more customization. Best is a level of quality and craftsmanship that is built for longevity, is highly customized and could last well over half a century.

Fee and Terms

  • If measurements have not been taken earlier, we will meet up at your project location and handle the preliminary data gathering and discuss the scope. It this already done in a prior session we are going straight to building our short lists and showing and discussing them with you through showroom visits
  • We built our short lists of products to chose from and decisions are made based on the best choice.
  • A preplanned showroom schedule is followed, meetings with specific experts, will be planned all around your specific projects. A productive conversational lunch is included.
  • Your project materials and products are chosen, you have all your samples and measurements, and roughly worked out the costs all noted down and you can continue onto your next steps on your own.

___You understand that Full Design project fees start at $5000 per project and that in Full Design, we design, select, order, track and project manage your entire project on your behalf.

Minimum 6 hours at $190 per hour = $1140.00 plus GST

6-hour package price $900.00 plus GST

What Others Have Said

How was your experience?

Very good, Shelley helped me locate materials and furniture I had seen on-line and allowed me to have access to fabrics etcetera, that I would not have been able to access on my own. It helped provide a uniform look in my home.