Ihired Shelley to renovate my bathroom and powder room and she did a fantastic job. She listened to what I had in mind and turned it into reality. She brought her own ideas and showed me products that I could not have found on my own. She was responsive and oversaw everything which made it as easy for me as possible. I plan on using her again.
R.L., Banking Executive and Homeowner
Shelley has done excellent work at our condo. Her project was to upgrade the common spaces including the hallways and main lobby. We were particularly impressed with the careful selection of the lighting system to ensure it will work in the long term and safely. The aesthetics of Shelley’s design were tasteful and she was very flexible with any changes. Shelley worked very well with all members of the strata council. Shelley was on budget, on time, and has very good attention to details. Overall the project was a success and the value of the condo would have seen an increase.
H.T., Graphic Designer, Homeowner and Strata Council Member
Working with Shelley on my home design and decorating has been an educational and inspiring process and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. There is NO way I could have achieved the finished results without her help, expertise and encouragement. Not only did I get a beautiful, aesthetic space in which to live and work, but I learned so much about design through the process. Shelley took the time and patience to enlighten me along the way so that my confidence in my own ability to create design for myself grew immensely. Before working with Shelley, I was a typical amateur decorator, making random choices of furniture, paint, artwork… but within a short period of time working closely each step along the way, I learned what the basic elements of design are, what the important steps are to actually bring to life a vague idea about how I wanted my home to look and feel. Shelley saved me so much time and money because together I was able to make the right choices theĀ first time. Often professionals can discard the input of someone they feel is less knowledgeable in their field, but Shelley always listened and worked to incorporate my needs and wants, taking the time to explain to me the process and allow me to be part of the creation, so I feel like my home is now my creation, not just a showplace for a designer. Thank you so much for helping me create the perfect home.
J.N. Emmy Award Winning Actress
Shelley was very knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. She brought wonderfully creative ideas to my decorating project and I was thrilled with the result. She also really listened to what I wanted, respected my input and helped me achieve the result I was looking for. The process was fun, collaborative and excellent value.
N.M., Homeowner
Shelley was professional and provided great personalized service. She designed two projects for us: our kitchen and family room renovation and two bathroom renovations. Her visuals were excellent and product selection assistance was great. She came up with many creative solutions with realistic and sensible pricing options.
C.C., Executive and Homeowner
Shelley Scales designed and decorated my office recently and wow what a difference. We gave her our budget to work with that unfortunately did not allow a lot for all brand new furnishing but required very frugal re-use of the existing fixtures and materials. She did a great job by carefully choosing colour, repainting, refinishing old but good quality furniture and spending on things like lighting upgrades, plants and other accessories that tied it all together. The office looks like a million bucks now but cost a tiny fraction of that to do, a sliver in fact! This is the second project Shelley’s done after my home. We are delighted with both results.
P.B., Executive and Homeowner
Shelley was absolutely wonderful, I would never have gotten the kitchen I have now without her. Her ability to walk into my home and just “get” me right away was fantastic. It was as if she knew exactly what I wanted. When I have company over, they can’t help but comment on how perfectly the kitchen fits me. The amount of legwork Shelley put into the project was incredible — who knew that so much could be done with just the color of grout? Of particular note is our backsplash, which has topaz gems and stainless steel in it. Shelley worked tirelessly to find just the right materials for us, and the result was magnificent. She was incredibly diligent in her work, and would always check back with me when picking out materials or colors. She was very careful in her attention to detail, returning to the site to ensure she had accurate measurements and everything remained cohesive in the project. In addition, throughout the project she maintained a clear channel of communication with me, as well as with the contractors we had hired to work on the kitchen. Shelley was so easy to work with, and the results were so beyond fantastic, I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
R.B., Executive and Homeowner
We live in a 120 year old farm house. Our children are 5th generation here. Naturally when we were considering an extensive renovation we were a bit nervous – we wanted to preserve the character of our home, yet move it into the 21st century. Shelley was great at putting together a plan that made it so much easier for us to make decisions. In no time she got to know what we liked, yet didn’t hold back with offering some ideas that pushed us a little out of our comfort zone – and we are so happy she did! Not only did she put together a great plan for us including warm finishes and savory paint colors, she provided sample boards and renderings so we could really get an idea of what the finished design would look like. Thank you Shelley!
T.K., Homeowner
We are a small condominium complex that wanted a lobby update. After consultation, Shelley presented a design that was everything we wanted plus more at an excellent price. She even attended our Special General meeting when we were voting on the expenditure to explain her vision. She was very patient with the process. I was appointed the design liaison, but Shelley dealt diplomatically with all 33 owners. She came in right on budget; as a matter of fact, was able to give us an extra custom-made railing. The project was completed on schedule and with minimum disruption to our lobby. She was a delight to work with.
P. W., Strata Council President and Condo Owner
I have known Shelley for quite a number of years and have worked and continued to work with her on numerous projects, and is always thrilled with the results. She is an absolute delight to work with, full of great ideas and design suggestions and always going out of her way to make sure her clients are completely satisfied. Shelley has that little extra touch of magic to put all that you have envision and make it a reality. We are extremely happy with her work and would highly recommend her without any hesitation!
Owner, Moonquartz Stone, Inc.
I had recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to “rethink” my deco, theme, color palette and office. Shelley and I had some initial meetings where she took measurements and pictures of the place. She then drafted some sketches of what the office could be. Along with deco and color palette suggestions. We went through a couple of drafts and ended up with something that I was very very happy with. She took her time to find out who I was and what I was looking for. I then went to work acquiring what I needed and built my office. I’m en editor by the way, and wanted a floating stand-up desk. I’m very happy with the end result. It looks great. Fits with the rest of the apartment. And the theme fits with my tastes.
D. B., Actor
Shelley is a consummate professional. She REALLY knows her business and not just how to create beautiful, functional designs. She also knows the nuts and bolts, the materials that last, the manufacturers and contractors you can trust to turn your dreams and her designs into reality. By understanding and caring about her clients, Shelley does the best for them and she can take you beyond what you “thought you wanted” to something much better – a design, renovation or make-over that you will love for a long time to come.
S.P., Marketing Executive and Homeowner