May 2015

Why have Shelley Scales Design Associates involved in project management?


We offer three levels of service:


1)Design Consultation


We use many tools to convey every aspect of the design for you to complete on your own. Includes scale plans and elevations, 3D drawings and photos.





Complete Details of exact quantities, installation guidelines and designer discount pricing. Product inspection on delivery.


3)Project Management:


Scheduling, milestone setting, quality control supervision.


Why all three steps?



We have an invested interest in the outcome of the job since we conceived the design with you. We know every detail and milestone that needs to be met on the project. Our attention to detail is due to knowledge of the level of quality we are looking to achieve.


The first consultation is $80.00 which includes a full quote on the work including estimated

project budget.


Call: 778.908.1804


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I trust you all enjoyed a day with your lovely Mothers or spectacular Mothers of your children or taking a moment in this day to acknowledge your Mom for all she has done.
I was visiting my new mother-in-law in Boise, Idaho today, and called my Mom in Chilliwack BC. I think Mom’s are very special for if it weren’t for my mother, I would not be an interior designer today. A place in the yard for a terrific little play house, freedom to use her sewing machine to make throw cushions for my room, all of her encouragement, and also her great eye. She has a nice style in her own home, not to mention that she can make ANYTHING grow.
I also want to especially wish all my female clients,  who are a long list of mothers and daughters who I have been able to create custom kitchens, baths and bountiful homes for a Happy Mother’s Day!
Never stop creating your perfect home wherever that may be.
Shelley Scales
Interior Designer

Moving to a New Home?
How to Downsize Comfortably to a New Home
Downsize blog

Interior Designer Shelley Scales, give a few tips on moving into a new smaller home with style and beauty.

Aging is not a subject people generally like to face, though  to “age in place” i.e. in your home, is highly desirable by most. If your home is full of stairs, or has too many barriers …



Smaller spaces can have a very “big” look