Frequently Asked Questions


We understand! We have grown over the years with our clients, and most of our repeat clientele started out as Newbies. We are very proud of the many success stories you can find on our website.
Basically, here are the steps (don’t get intimated). The reason we have so many steps is because interior design is a very “PERSONAL” service that needs specific checkpoints to ensure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


We will determine a rough plan by listening to your needs, and working out our Scope of Services. Next, either during or just following that meeting we will provide an estimate of cost of the Design Service. Fees for Purchase Management and Project Supervision will be calculated after the Design has been completed and approved. We will work on a Fixed Fee basis or by the Hour.


After we have met and it has been determined that we are a good fit, we require a small retainer to get going.
The Retainer is held in trust by us and credited to you at the end of the project. We will use the retainer to bill you for any outstanding funds if you decide to cancel in the middle of the project. In all our jobs we have not had that happen. The Retainer is will be applied to the last invoice.

Letter of Agreement with a Scope of Service

This valuable document is the INTERIOR DESIGN PLAN that joins the Designer and Client into an AGREEMENT that states in writing the specific services, terms of payment and time line. It’s based on a substantial amount of Experience. I want to ensure we are all on the same page therefore after it is written we will go over it together to make sure its exactly the services you require and you understand what is going to be done.


This is the basic breakdown of the actual services
A. RESEARCH: Create models, sketches and story boards to get your personal style and message
B. DESIGN & SELECTION OF SERVICE: Drawings, showroom visits, and colour boards created for your approval and to enabling us to monitor the budget.
C. DRAWING & DOCUMENTATION: Final Drawings approved and once approved – uploaded to your Project Vault at which you can access with your personal password. A Specifications Manual is compiled with a complete book of description of products, supplier contacts and notes on each of the items that have been specified and approved.
We will calculate the cost of all the products we are installing into the design based on actual Quotes. This gives you an exact and accurate price for all the interior furnishings, labour and materials needed. Then we will calculate the cost to do the following:
We will ensure that your products all arrive exactly as specified, and intact. Today’s shipping and manufacturing is inexpensive but frequently the quality is compromised and we are the ones who handle this step expertly without headaches to you.
We are the EXPERTS in navigating project barriers, and with our experience and insight at your site we will help keep relationships much smoother with all the Builders and their Trades. This experience and insight has often spotted and prevented costly mistakes with materials and installation. The resulting peace-of-mind can often be priceless. We will work with you to ensure that the end result of your project creates your vision.
We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to create our expertise by doing this work virtually 365 days a year for the last 17 years straight and have gone the distance to earn our client’s trust. We would like to put this expertise to work for you.


Flat Fee Paid in Phases

We specialize in:
Kitchens and Baths
Full City Apartments and Condos
Fireplaces and Entertainment Centers
Turn Key Homes – all interior specifications
Other work we have done:
Lobbies, hallways and health facilities for condo buildings
Paint / Colour schemes
Furniture design
Lighting plans
Offices work stations and reception areas
Eco-design – environmentally-friendly and healthy indoor air quality-considerate spaces
Schools and training centers

2. What are your hours?

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday mornings 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.
I take frequent weekend trips and will need a 2 week advance appointment for a weekend.
I will answer texts and emails once a day, not after 8:00 pm in the evening as like a lot of my clients, I respect family time. I am flexible. When a design gets going, we usually meet the same time each week to review progress – when it’s convenient for you.

3. What if I want to purchase online or purchase things on my own?

My vendors extend a Designer Discount to me. If you choose to include our Purchase Management Service, I will actually pass on this discount to you, my clients. Therefore YOU can buy at the same price as me. If you chose not to contract our Purchase Management service, we will bill purchases to you through our office at a cost plus of 20 per cent.

4. Will you bill me for travel?

We will charge $.65 cents per km for travel.

5. Can we do the work in stages?

Absolutely! Let’s get together and take a look at the best approach.