January 2015
Its 2015 and I wish you all many good things to come!
2014 was quite a year! Two kids in college, I got married and my new husband, son and I moved into our live/work interior design studio in Kitsalino, Vancouver BC.
Its awesome to have my son back from the US to start his college in graphic design and seeing his fabulous projects. Equally awesome is that my daughter finished her BBA and working on her CPA in the television industry.
I thank having a home based business to have the flexible time to spend time with my kids while they are growing up.
Harrison and Hillary and I
 Photo by Chris Lee Photography
I’ve always been dedicated to helping the environment and even more so in the past year by designing in energy efficient LED lighting into every design project.
LED under Cab tape light – click for more photos
My passion for the environment,  is fuelled by a life-long love of nature and a desire to make a better future for my children. This has driven me to create and provide more eco-friendly choices for my customers.
Therefore in 2015 I am launching my line of eco-friendly cabinets I have tested and selected. These cabinets are made of sustainable and recycled woods. I have also tested many non-wood veneers (melamine and laminates) that do not emit harmful chemicals into the home and look incredibly beautiful. See side bar for more info.
Finally, in the last 30 days of 2014, I revitalized my drive through taking a 30 day full body detox to cleanse and rebuild my body. It was not easy but it built healthy habits I truly wish for others. 

Eating healthy and helping others to cook great meals at home will be a strong theme for 2015. I hope to do this by helping as many people as I can, have healthy and efficient kitchens.

I look forward to sharing and seeing you all in the new year! Do stay in touch. – I am only an email away and I’d love to hear from you.
Sincerely,Shelley Scales
Shelley Scales Design Associates

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