Designing for a group of people is not an ordinary design job. We usually service one customer, one taste, one style, one message. This in itself can be challenging, now throw 40 people into the mix, and for some designers this can turn from a “day hike” into a trip to the summit of Mt. Everest. Most designers, will simply give up trying to service everyone, or simply pass on the job. Shelley Scales Design Associates has a formulated process, that’s gets widely accepted results every time. Start your journey to higher owner moral and property value now!



Step 1: Meet and Measure

Designer meets with the Strata Council  Representative  at the building location to review the Scope of Work. Measurements are taken of the existing space. The Property Manager provides the Designer with a set of plans of the space.  Budget is discussed.


Step 2: Survey

We compose and email a short survey  to all or a select group of owners via a Strata Council Representative. We tabulate the answers.  This helps us to select an overall message for the space, determine a new style and the priorities and emphasis for the owners in the renovation and upgrade process.



Step 3:  Design and Rendering Approval by Majority Votes

Our efficient process is fast and effective in taking in all the owners desires and preferences. A presentation at the AGM, after one preliminary meeting with Council, shows all actual samples, and coloured  detailed computer renderings to help owners visualize the end product. We aim to come in on budget and get the green light to execute the designs the first time.



Step 4: Purchase Management

Our transparent process allows Strata Councils to purchase at our 10% – 40% Designer Discount directly from the Supplier. The Designer  gets competitive pricing and provides details purchase proposals with full into approved by Strata rep and passed onto property  managers for payment. Shelley Scales Design Associates verifies product arrives safely  to the site and is installed in a timely manner.


Lobby wb4


“We are a small condominium complex that wanted a lobby update. After consultation, Shelley presented a design that was everything we wanted plus more at an excellent price. She even attended our Special General meeting when we were voting on the expenditure to explain her vision. She was very patient with the process. I was appointed the design liaison, but Shelley dealt diplomatically with all 33 owners. She came in right on budget; as a matter of fact, was able to give us an extra custom-made railing. The project was completed on schedule and with minimum disruption to our lobby. She was a delight to work with.” -P. Wilson (Strata Member)


Our trades are licensed and insured

We have over 25 years in Interior Design in the lower mainland

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