LED Lighting for Interior Design by Shelley Scales Interior Designer Vancouver BC
Modern Bathroom Rendering by Shelley Scales Interior Designer Vancouver, BC

This kitchen definitely took a lot of collaboration. The clients had a very specific vision. With the collaboration and thoughtfulness of design professionals, cabinet makers, countertop fabricators and tile setters, this kitchen came together with impact.

Risks were mitigated with design processes and strategy that resulted in a cohesive and impactful and useful space.
Yanic Simard of the Toronto Design Group wrote in his recent article in HOUZZ—Why You Might Want To Work With An Interior Design Pro:

“Designers find the wow factor. Finally, this brings us to the reason people often begin a design project in the first place: the wow factor.
“Clients may find it hard to take risks, and that makes sense. Nobody wants to gamble with hard-earned money and lose. However, it’s important to take at least some design risks to find the dazzling, showstopping moment that makes a project feel as though it was worth undertaking in the first place.”