LED Lighting for Interior Design by Shelley Scales Interior Designer Vancouver BC
Modern Bathroom Rendering by Shelley Scales Interior Designer Vancouver, BC

All the lights here are LEDs and as you can see they come in many different shapes and sizes. Each have their own output and shape of light beam. Over the last year I have done extensive research to find the best LED light sources for clients homes.
We are loving some of the options and I would be excited to share them with you.
Apparently one media writer also agrees and interviewed me recently for a National Globe & Mail Article. See below.
We can now do photo realistic renderings to show client’s the new and improved light levels they can get by upgrading to LED. It’s a worthwhile investment for heath, safety and the environment. For a functional AND beautiful interior design LED is the way to go.
We will create visuals and material boards online in Canada and the United States.
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