Wallcovering has made its way back in a whole new, fresh way.  Due to its renewed popularity in design  as well as the increase in quality materials, it generally costs twice what it was in the eighties.  So it is doubly important to choose the right wallpaper – and this takes care and time.

Here are 6 tips on using today’s wallcoverings, that I would like to share with you.

•Wallcovering can add either a pop of colour on feature walls or it can create a soft, textured backdrop for powder rooms and bedrooms. In my opinion, a little goes a long way. Just use it in small areas, on one wall or one small room. As an example, I recently saw a nice use of a white textured wallcovering in the back of a white book shelf with LED lighting.

•Today’s papers should be installed by a professional as most papers now are sold in a non-pasted format.

•Pricing is in the higher ranges of $100 -$200 per double roll. There has been a increase of luxury wallcoverings used as a feature wall to enhance a focal point such as behind a bed, or on an end of a hallway.  A little can go a long way – chose large repeat patterns for feature walls in hallways, niches, or powder rooms and textures and metallic to create spaces that are more interesting than plain painted drywall.

• Wallpaper Murals are back. A client recently introduced us to De Gournay Hand Painted Murals from England, when she chose a three-paneled mural for the top of her staircase. Although pricey, they are gorgeous. They are timeless wall treatments with whimsical scenes and classical art that surpasses the norm and make a real statement.

• When looking for wallpaper, take all your paint and wood samples and fabrics from your rooms with you to the showroom.  This is the only way you will be able to pick the right pattern or shade of colour.  What looks great in the showroom can clash with what you already have in your rooms.

• Take pictures of the papers you like with your phone, and be sure to note the book number and the back of the sample page. Some suppliers in paint stores let you borrow a book for the cost of the book which gets re-credited when you return it.

Now you should be more armed with some tools to finding the right paper.   Note that as an experienced and  professional designer, I can order samples online for free and have access to exclusive showrooms and have trade discounts I can pass on to you. That may make your search even easier!

Have fun and never stop creating your environment!