Transtional Kitchen Makeover with LED Lighitng

LED lighting Transforms in Kitchen Makeover by Shelley Scales Design

Chances are you are going through a Reno soon or you have started to think about your lighting choices and –  having heard all the buzz about LED lighting – wondered if that was a good option for you.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

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LED LIGHTING is inexpensive light that burns bright and crisp and has an extremely long life.

Here is my recent experience with LED lighting that may be of help to you:

1) LED lighting technology is constantly changing and improving. For example, an IKEA lamp bulb that was $15.00 two years ago is $3.99 this year.  I buy directly from manufacturers and we are all learning at the same time. My use feedbacks and drives manufacturers to supply this technology the way we need it.

2) Because of the consumer demand – many manufactures like Standard and Phillips are competing with lessor-known brands.   So ‘buyer beware’ and use reputable distributors  and up-to-date designers/electricians  for your lighting needs.

3) Do Simple changes first – change out your halogen and  standard bulbs for LED bulbs. They need to be a minimum 300-400 lumens each to emit good task light for a kitchen and 700 maximum.   200 lumens is okay for living room lighting.

4)  There is a is low profile light called a Glimpse light that can be connected into the ceiling – because the light source is cool it can go into both insulated and uninsulated ceilings and it’s a total thickness of about 1 1/2″.  You need to change the entire housing where you don’t have  LED bulb compatible pot-lights, and LED emits twice the light.

This Lobby shows where we replaced the compact fluorescent  pot lights with compatible LED Lights. Find the right light that works for your specific construction.

Entry Lighting

Entry Lighting With New LED Lighting by Shelley Scales Design

LED lights operate on a fraction of the energy used by ordinary bulbs. When you purchase fixtures that are dedicated to an LED system, you do not need to change the bulbs because they are integrated into the whole housing. They usually run on for 10 to 15 years.   The whole home’s lighting can operate on less than half the amperage used previously. This result significant cost savings.  Here is what my Builder friend Phillip reported back on his use of LEDs in new home and son’s coffee shop:

“I love LEDs. Two years ago I changed out all my lights. Paid for in the 1st year. I lucked out on a sale at Costco. And the light is nicer.
Plus we did the coffee shop lighting all on one circuit. 36 lights, roughly 500 watts with room to spare (less than one 15 amp circuit) , Oh, and a bathroom fan! Normally I would have run 3 circuits. “

5) LED lighting is available in wall sconces, light pucks, ceiling down-lights, strip lighitng –  a 1/2″ wide strip that can be cut every few inches – great for back-lighting and mood lighting, lighting for cabinets, ceilings and more.

Modern, Asian Inspired Zen Bathroom,

LED Strip Lighting by Shelley Scales Design

If you are interested using these lights in your next project call us, and we can do a custom lighting design for you.

It will save you significant cost in the long run plus, you will have brighter, crisper light. We will ensure that your light source colours do not clash (easy mistake to make), and with optimum lighting design you will get maximum pleasure and resale value from your home –  probably your biggest investment.