Our Philosophy

Our goal is to help each, and every individual attain THEIR perfect interior.  However, we encourage communication, more than the goal of perfection. We do not churn out a cookie-cutter design, far from it, we create results that are for the individual within a structured framework.

We believe that Interior Design is more an applied technology than an art, and when not left to just “intuition or instinctiveness”, our interior design professionals get consistent results with application of our professional process.

We use the good, better, best models – educating our clients on what is the benefit of each, helping them to determine the design budget that they are most comfortable with.

Who We Can Help?

We know that many homeowners are trying to correct interiors that are either in-complete, or damaged or poorly designed to start with. These homes need the expert solutions we can provide to maintain your home-investment value. Here we can apply our techniques to attain good, or better models beautifully.

We also have mastered the high quality, best model, when applied to new luxury homes and condominiums where our clients want to protect their investment for a very long time.


We want to make sure, right away, that we CAN help you. You can expect in the initial phone call, questions such as:

1)      What is your purpose for your project?

In order to help you feel comfortable with our process,  we will help you find which  Service Package works best for you.

2)      What is your level of investment?

We have defined good, better, and best within our 4 basic types of Service Packages..

3)      We will listen and recommend the next step.

Give me a call today and we will get you started.



Shelley Scales Design Associates

Cell: 778-908-1804