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Creating a Great Foodie Atmosphere in your Kitchen

Do the words mouth-watering, smoky-flavoured, caramelization, crunchy, soft, rich, mahogany sweetness make you see visions of artfully plated dishes and make your taste-buds tingle? You could be a Foodie and need a kitchen that looks and functions like a great  “Food Joint”.  Really the sky is the limit. It can look rustic, modern, funky, retro, [...]

How to Downsize Comfortably to a New Home

Interior Design Consultant Shelley Scales, gives a few tips on moving into a new smaller home with style and beauty. Aging is not a subject people generally like to face, though  to “age in place” i.e. in your home, is highly desirable by most. If your home is full of stairs, or has too many [...]

How Live Edge In Interior Design Can Transform Your Space

Live edge is also known as the natural outside edge of a tree. In interior design, it refers to furniture that is a unique piece of art made from wood scoured from clear cut areas and beaches. Designers and Architects are embracing the trend and with thoughtful balance and elegant juxtaposition of the imperfect and [...]