Do the words mouth-watering, smoky-flavoured, caramelization, crunchy, soft, rich, mahogany sweetness make you see visions of artfully plated dishes and make your taste-buds tingle?

You could be a Foodie and need a kitchen that looks and functions like a great  “Food Joint”.  Really the sky is the limit. It can look rustic, modern, funky, retro, and still be clean and healthy. But what every Foodie’s kitchen needs is character,  in other words the “it” factor, atmosphere. Your guests should feel comfortable and want to stay around. There is nothing better than good food, good friends and great atmosphere.

Collins English Dictionary Foodie or Foody

noun (plural) -ies

  1. a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food

Step 1: Get Informed

How many of these movies have you seen?



Haute Cuisine

Julie & Julia

As Good as it Gets

(Diane Keaton’s  kitchen is just to die for and has inspired thousands of white kitchens)

These highly recommended movies will give your inner foodie the inspiration to go for your goal to have a foodie’s kitchen.  See details in how a cook creates in kitchens from Julie’s tiny apartment kitchen where she cooks her way through Julia Child’s Cook Book to the elaborate restaurant-kitchen in Ratatouille complete with a map of the full layout and rat’s eye views of details of a perfectly functioning French kitchen.

Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, You Gotta Eat Here, and Chopped gives us a look at both the kitchens interiors and the talented people who create fantastic food joints around the US and Canada. The inspiring dishes and unique styles of cooking have inspired home cooks to try new things and cook great food.

Architect Johnny Grey is a very prolific and creative Kitchen Designer who brings together original concepts that I think are the foundation of kitchens of today and tomorrow. By blending the science of movement, he creates efficient and beautiful kitchens with tons of character that owners like Sting are so happy to call their own. Check out his work here.

Step Two: Evaluate what you have and what you need for atmosphere

Here are some of the elements you should keep if you have them already or collect to give your kitchen more atmosphere:

  • Find character vintage pieces, industrial and authentic at places like Vancouver-based
  • Stainless steel gear, furnishings, and appliances
  • Open cabinets, plate-shelves—because plating is everything—lots of different plates


  • Great seating
  • Simple white tile, subway or square
  • Serving and eating bar
  • Pro cabinets and appliances



  • A rustic element to work on – butcher block or wood
  • A black board or chalk board for inspiring quotes, lists, reminders or menu items.

Bon Appetit

Step 3: Start your inspiration board and work with us

Start your inspiration board with me at pinterest. Share your own kitchen ideas with me Cook and go forth and release your inner Foodie. Cook, eat and share and dream!

Then contact us to help you put together a plan for your very own dream kitchen today! Email Vancouver Kitchen Designer