Design Success TriangleMy company’s core belief  is that with open honest communication between designer, client and associates we can achieve better results far more successfully than a client working with suppliers directly.

We can also do a far better job than our associates with no Designer such as Builders and Suppliers who suffer through a project with no written interior design specifications. Yet you still may be asking the question:

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Clients who want to try to do the design work themselves, yet who are clearly unqualified, can be a liability to themselves financially, making costly and emotionally draining mistakes. Do you try to do your own dentistry? Some things are best left to the professional.

Builders who do not have the repertoire of suppliers and sources that a full time Interior Designer has, will turn out copycat work, not fresh, looking unskilled even if they are skilled. It is not a Builders job to visit you at home and dig deep to find out the real message. They will not study the client’s DNA like a Designer will. They may copy the others on the market or what the last Designer did in their last project instead.

Copy of the White House in China

Copy of the White House in China

An Interior Designer will make the client great through his/her new design. We will find the branding, the vibe, the feeling that best works to express the client’s personality or business profile.

Before you go to work on a project without an Interior Designer ask the yourself how can  I,  the client know all the products on the market? Do I have the time to spend learning all the pros and cons of each and every thing being installed into my home? Wouldn’t a client  want to already know that his/her Designer is going to chose the best product for him/her?

A completely trained Interior Designer, with well over 10,000 hours of work experience, is the successful Designer who can take all the parts and whip them into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and create a perfect interior that communicates the client’s personality and vision he/she has for themselves.

An Interior Designer is like the vessel for another to achieve the greatness they desire through design. So, hire an Interior Designer for your renovation project so you can be sure to be happy with the results.

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