“Hipster”, “Retro” and “Vintage” are alive and well. Now that the Green movement is on most people’s minds – there is a strong trend in reusing and reclaiming the old in this part of the world. Vintage or Vintage Modern is a huge trend in Interior Design which adds character and authenticity to a space.

Here are some terms to define

Hipster: “The older, more beat up and out of date a piece is, the more hipster potential is available “ Houzz  June 9/ 2013

Retro Interior Design:  Retro Interior Design can refer to any style from past decades.

Vintage:  Art pieces such as old signs, lamps, and coloured glass and ceramics from another distinctly different time period than now-usually older than 20 years.

Vintage Modern: Using old pieces in new modern interiors in a new way.

Look for Inspiration

Recently my travels have taken me up and down the Interstate 5 where I have been getting  inspiration from hipster fashions to retro hardware stores to find vintage items for spaces.

Here are a few ideas I picked up on my recent shopping trips.

I have discovered  Portland, Oregon as a fantastic place for low cost vintage and huge selections of historical restoration materials.

As Portland boomed in the 1920s, the city was built up with  Arts & Crafts,  Dutch Colonials and American Georgian English Tudor homes, and they abound to this day in all parts of the metro area.

Portlanders have a penchant for historical restoration of their homes.  I found Old Portland Hardware and Architectural to have a huge selection of interesting reclaimed items in its large warehouse-like showroom.  The DIYer can request help from their staff to help reuse some of their products.  You are only limited by your imagination.

1 Here on the right are a stack of steel cone-like supports.  An idea is turn them into a light fixture.  These industrial lamps can be used as a feature light in the dining room.



3Rejuvenation Hardware is another place to find large stock of industrial and vintage parts for your home. It stocked with all kinds of the unexpected.

 One of my favourite restaurants in the Northwest is McMenamins  where you can enjoy good food  along with historically restored architecture. Three of the many venues are a repurposed and  restored  ie a  Movie Theatre,a Chapel and a School House and a hotel.

The repeated theme of use of old signs and mismatched coloured vintage globe lights is a strong trend in these restaurants throughout the city of Portland.  I found the Lounge Lizard in Portland to be a well-priced source of vintage globe lights with plenty of selection.

Odd Fellows Café and Bar is the quintessential retro vintage modern vibe. It’s the old IOOF hall at 1525 10th Ave. in Seattle.  It’s a Café full of old timey character that is sparse and fresh at the same time. There is a full wall of original exposed brick and photos of the original Odd Fellows Members, tons of natural light. The original wood floor is scrapped and rough . A re-purposed pew with the industrial metal chairs for seating, antique silverware stacked in tin pails and wood boxes for the recycled paper napkins on honed Carrera marble countertops add to the look.  Also the food is great!

Spaces with vintage pieces that are repurposed in a modern way, authentic and rustic, can be comforting in a modern world. Have fun and use them in your next interior.

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